Child Survival


The Child Survival Program (CSP) is designed to rescue, nurture and teach young children. This early childhood intervention program began in 2003 to offer a holistic approach to expectant mothers, caregivers and young, vulnerable children — helping save lives and teaching healthy development. The program is an outreach run by Compassion's Christian church partners around the world.

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The Child Survival Program offers critical support and tools so that Christians associated with the local church in the developing world can reach out to their neighbors and provide appropriate, tangible and spiritual love in the name of Jesus.

Each relationship is unique. The church provides critical interventions such as nutritious food and medical assistance. Mothers and caregivers learn how to create a safe home environment and provide the essential developmental opportunities needed to raise happy, healthy children with bright futures. The families also receive spiritual discipling so they can develop a dynamic lifelong relationship with Christ. Children are stronger, caregivers are more confident, and families and communities benefit from their newly discovered physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Poverty and the Church

Compassion assists more than 1 million children in partnership with thousands of churches worldwide.

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