Leadership Development


Each year, thousands of students graduate from Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program with their lives vastly improved. Among them are young leaders who aspire to continue their education and training. Compassion’s Leadership Development Program identifies these top students and gives them an opportunity to attend university and receive Christian leadership training, providing tuition as well as funds for additional university expenses.

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Students completing the program become successful teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, businesspeople and pastors, among other professions. These students must do more with less, every day, as they aggressively pursue God's plan for their life. They emerge as Christian leaders, poised to serve and bring hope for the future to their impoverished families, communities and nations.

The Leadership Development Program, like the Child Sponsorship Program, also connects one sponsor to one student in a one-to-one relationship. Sponsors can have a strategic impact in the life of their students by offering expertise and encouragement from across the globe through letter writing. Many students are inspired to succeed beyond what they thought possible because of the words and care their sponsor offers.

Poverty and the Church

Compassion assists more than 1 million children in partnership with thousands of churches worldwide.

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